Hung Thinh News | 06-08-2022

Hung Thinh Corporation announced the construction of 150,000 social housing units, contributing to quencing the housing "thirst" for workers and low incomers.

Hung Thinh is not a new name in the affordable real estate segment. For 20 years of operation and especially after the market crisis in 2008-2013 period, this enterprise emerged as one of the "rescuers" when providing affordable products that meet the needs of customers and suitable with the financial conditions of the majority of home buyers. Up to now, this enterprise has provided nearly 30,000 real estate products to working-class buyers, young people just starting a business, wishing to have their first home...

The typical project is 8X apartment chain: 8X Dam Sen, 8X Thai An, 8X Plus (HCMC) ... with a price of less than VND 1 billion and a payment policy that is considered "very loose", solving the problem of settlement for 8X generation to reside and make a living in Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, these apartment buildings have all "lighted up", forming a stable, spacious settlement place and crowded residential community.

Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung, said that the Corporation defined affordable housing development as the responsibility of the enterprise to society. For Hung Thinh, this is also the journey of the enterprise for the past 20 years, associated with affordable projects, creating a place to settle down for tens of thousands of households.

According to Mr. Trung, one of the biggest problems of social housing is how to make state agencies and enterprises come together to have comprehensive solutions and faciliate getting housing supply for everyone.

“Most people in major cities want to own a house for their life and sticking around for almost a lifetime. Therefore, owning a house is a big turning point, a dream, even a fortune that they must accumulate for a lifetime. The State has policies to support housing for people, banks have policies on loans and low interest rates. Enterprises in the supply chain from building materials, design, construction, development ... link together to create qualified houses at affordable prices. And it is important to have breakthrough and open mechanisms to facilitate the development of goods sources. Our Corporation is very pleased when the Government and ministries, led by the Ministry of Construction, are involved in solving the problem of affordable housing for a large number of people. Because for us, the greatest happiness is to bring home to everyone,” shared by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung.