Hung Thinh Corporation: Optimal and sustainable real estate ecosystem

Hung Thinh News | 09-06-2020

"Hung Thinh has basically overcome difficulties by accompanying and adapting to the market," recently shared by Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung demonstrated clearly for the sustainable development of Hung Thinh. In the most challenging period of the market, Hung Thinh Corporation took steps to turn the tables, comprehensively restructuring to adapt and make strong breakthrough.

Taking real estate as a core for ecosystem development

The model of enterprise ecosystem has long appeared and quickly blossomed into a "wave" in almost all economic sectors. In the real estate industry, if in the past, each company specialized in only one field such as investment in land fund development, construction, architectural design, interior installation ... then at present, the size of the Companies in the industry have expanded a lot more with diverse fields, providing related products and services in a more synchronized and closed manner. Businesses tend to expand the investments in member companies in ancillary fields for the main activity in order to create a comprehensive ecosystem. This is considered a strategic step for real estate businesses to optimize resources and add value to clients.

As one of the leading real estate businesses with the trend of ecosystem, Hung Thinh has developed 3 main areas for the past years: investment, construction and distribution system. This initial ecosystem helped Hung Thinh develop strongly and have many distinct competitive advantages in the Vietnamese real estate market. In 2019, Hung Thinh continues to research and implement a new strategy to develop a more comprehensive ecosystem that goes into the depth and width of the core business with the following criteria: increasing diversity and utility for each product as well as each project, reducing transaction costs, transparency and efficiency for all clients and partners, maximizing the development of science and technology into administration and business activities of the Corporation.

Accordingly, Hung Thinh was officially converted into a Corporation model with a core business of real estate, expanding investment in many different fields, with the desire to meet more needs of clients. The existing ecosystem has been completed and expanded into many fields: real estate project development, investment in ecosystem development, general contractor, technology for ecosystem and real estate trading - Platform; corresponding to the important role of 5 key member companies: Hung Thinh Land - Hung Thinh Investment - Hung Thinh Incons - Hung Thinh Technology - PropertyX (Platform).


The optimal and sustainable real estate ecosystem of Hung Thinh Corporation


After a comprehensive restructuring, Hung Thinh Corporation transferred all real estate investment, business and development segments to Hung Thinh Land with hundreds of projects having total land fund of more than 4,500ha and more than 50,000 housing products with up to hundreds of millions of m2 of construction floor. This event marked a strong innovation step and outstanding professional development of Hung Thinh Land. Projects undertaken by the Corporation and Hung Thinh Land as well as projects developed by Hung Thinh Land in the near future are not only in key cities as Ho Chi Minh City but also in other potential areas such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Hanoi and other provinces.

Hung Thinh Investment, a member of the Corporation, is responsible for investing in expanding the ecosystem with the management, acquisition - merger and establishment of members to support for the Corporation's core activities including: companies researching and producing new materials; units managing and exploiting assets after investment; units providing utilities and services to residents in Hung Thinh's projects…

Establishing a new position with digital conversion

Covid-19 hit the economy heavily, it’s not undeniable that it affected all industries. In particular, the epidemic caused both supply and demand of real estate to be interrupted for the first months of 2020, all concentrated trading activities almost stagnated. Because of that, many new trading ways in the market begun to be established, encouraging businesses to implement digital conversion more strongly than the previous period. Determining the importance of digitization - an irreversible trend, Hung Thinh has promptly invested in technology, put new applications into operation and management as well as interacted with customers in the nearest future.

As a high-tech core of the ecosystem, Hung Thinh Technology plays an essential role in Hung Thinh's restructuring and digital conversion. At the same time, it is the unit that proactively researches and develops technology applications in the field of real estate such as: Smart home solution, Smart city to increase the value for the projects and online trading platforms. Recently, the application of Schneider Electric's advanced smart home technology to the Grand Center Quy Nhon project that allows the control of electrical appliances in the apartment with software on the phone in a convenient and safe way draws the great attention of the Clients. As the requirements of the market are getting higher and higher, each apartment is not only a place to live but must become a different experience space, the timely investment in technology of project developers will be a strategic step.

Besides, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of the Corporation revealed: “Grasping the trend of applying modern technology in real estate business, we are cooperating to invest in and create a platform with unique ideas that will be appeared for the first time in Vietnam”. Starting from the elite sales team of Hung Thinh, which is inherently considered to be the most powerful brokerage force in the southern market with 1,200 consultants and a system of 9 large-scale exchanges in many provinces and cities, this platform promises to bring a fresh breath to the entire Vietnamese real estate market, aiming to expand into other potential markets.


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation

Expanding cooperation - Enhancing value chain

Talking about the cooperation strategy in real estate, Hung Thinh is considered an outstanding name with a series of historic "handshakes" in the M&A market. Since 2013, Hung Thinh has started searching for partners who are investing in progress but lack of capital to deploy to "revive" the project together. For the past years, when the market is both vibrant or difficult, this strategy has become a powerful weapon of Hung Thinh Corporation with a series of high-profile apartments such as Richmond City (Handed over from January 2020, Moonlight Boulevard (handed over in January 2020), SaigonMia (handed over in August 2019), Moonlight Residences (handed over in July 2019), 9View Apartment (handed over in January 5/2019), Moonlight ParkView (handed over in December 2018), Lavita Garden (handed over in September 2018), Florita (handed over in March 2018), Sky Center (handed over in November 2017), Vung Tau Melody (handed over in August 2017), ... and many projects under construction such as Lavita Charm, Q7 Boulevard, Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex, Quy Nhon Melody…


SaigonMia apartment zone in the busy Trung Son area


Currently, besides continuing to use existing strengths to conduct M&A deals, Hung Thinh Corporation has been stepping up cooperation agreements with major domestic and foreign corporations in many fields such as Samsung, Hitachi. , FPT ... These partners will help Hung Thinh to take advantage of the partner's rich product ecosystem as well as build services in combination with outstanding advantages, with the ultimate goal of bringing the clients the high-quality, cost-saving and effective products. In parrallel, Hung Thinh has been also preparing new business strategies when working with prestigious hotel management and operation units in the world to develop resort real estate products in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Cam Ranh, Quy Nhon ... cherishing to bring to the market products with characteristic colors of Hung Thinh, to meet the increasing needs of the clients. At the same time, strengthen comprehensive cooperation with major universities, starting with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology with the goal of applying advanced knowledge and science to projects as well as researching and giving breakthrough solutions for Vietnam's construction industry. Especially, the cooperation with major universities also helps Hung Thinh to take the lead in recruiting the young and qualified labors to serve long-term development.


Hung Thinh Corporation signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology on February 26, 2020


New look - New future

Along with the conversion of business model to the real estate ecosystem, Hung Thinh Corporation has officially introduced a new brand identity, applied from June 2020 to bring an image that is newer but inherit the full values that Hung Thinh has built.


Hung Thinh Corporation introduces new identity


Following the image of the five-petal apricot blossom that symbolizes five blessings, new logo "Hung Thinh Flower" is designed to be fresher, stronger with two closed motion layers and starting from the "center". The first layer are the petals in the center that symbolizes the internal movement of the business. The second layer are the petals around the movement of creation, development and social contribution, originating from the Corporation's mission - taking community as the center of all business activities.
Five delicate, soft and flexible petals as a continuous, unlimited flow form an overall block representing the Corporation's core values: Prestige, Dedication & Professionalism, Innovation & Creativity, Effectiveness and Sharing. This is also an expression of the desire to reach out, look forward to the future and good values of life.
Covid-19 epidemic, in terms of the positive side, is like a "high-dose reagent" to test the tenacity of businesses to overcome difficulties without any preparation or prediction. And Hung Thinh Corporation, with 18 years of development experience, with a dynamic spirit, continuous innovation, has been quickly adapting to this unprecedented "new normal" state. Not stopping there, Hung Thinh will continue to take steady steps to always affirm its position as one of the leading corporations in Vietnam's real estate market, looking towards its regional and international vision.


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