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Investors expect that the coastal real estate market will soon recover when coastal provinces and cities get ready to open their doors for receiving tourists.
According to experts, the plan to re-open domestic flight routes as well as the pilot move of vaccine passports to receive foreign tourists will help the tourism market in Nha Trang, Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan, Phu Quoc, Quang Ninh, Vung Tau... become vibrant again. Tourism prospers, real estate value is also promising, especially in localities with beautiful coastal land banks.
According to statistics from the tourism industry, more than 70% of tourists prefer to choose the coastal area for their vacations. This makes coastal real estate become one of the most profitable investments in the long term, with the value continuously increasing for recent years.



According to the real estate market report of the third quarter of 2021 of the Vietnam Association Of Real Estate Brokers, for the past time, resort real estate had been almost difficult because of social distancing, many tourist establishments had no revenue. However, tourism and resort real estate development projects still showed positive signs. The number of products offered in the market in the third quarter reached 7,206 products, transactions reached 2,280 products, equivalent to an absorption rate of 31.6%.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh - General Secretary of the Vietnam Association Of Real Estate Brokers, in the coming time, the demand for investment in tourism and resort real estate would focus on projects that were large-scale, synchronous and modern in infrastructure, diversified in service provision function, with good and sustainable business exploitation opportunities and long-term ownership.


since the outbreak of Covid-19. Most consumers are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, giving priority to choosing essential items, especially health care products, enjoying privately, without contact with crowds... As a result, the health real estate segment with resort element is being loved by many customers.
According to figures from the Global Wellness Institute, the real estate market integrated with utilities aimed at healthcare is currently valued USD 134 billion and is estimated to grow to USD 180 billion by the end of 2022. According to the research by Proven Partners, the top priority of 90% of the super-rich who need to buy a home is health. Therefore, real estate meeting the needs of personal physical training and harmonizing with nature attracts visitors. Additionally, nearly 30% of consumers from all income levels are willing to pay more for health-aimed real estate.



"If you are looking for a healthy house, coastal houses are the most ideal choice because coastal houses are often located in areas with advantages of mild, warm climate and beautiful natural landscape, lots of green areas. This brings a good quality of life, which is beneficial for both physical strength and mentality", an expert said.

Nha Trang Bay was recognized by Unesco as one of the 29 most beautiful bays on the planet and last year continued to be listed in top 10 most beautiful diving spots in the world announced by Forbes Magazine (USA). According to the statistics of Agoda, the world's leading online booking platform, in 2020, Nha Trang was the most favorite place of domestic tourists.

For the first 6 months of this year, due to the prolonged social distancing, the indicators of visitors and tourism revenue both decreased, but Nha Trang has always been one of the provinces and cities that were evaluated as the leading in the tourism growth recovery. For achieving this, in addition to owning a wild and beautiful ecosystem, the local tourism infrastructure has developed very synchronously over time.



Tens of direct flights from Thailand, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Indonesia to Cam Ranh have been and will be opened more. Expressways connecting Nha Trang with Da Lat, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau and upcoming Buon Ma Thuot will have the network of tourism and trade connection expanded. This promises to make Nha Trang become an important place in the tourist map of Vietnam in general as well as the tourism growth triangle of Ho Chi Minh City - Da Lat - Nha Trang in particular.

The world's leading hotel management groups such as Marriott, InterContinental, Best Western, Accor, Wyndhamgolf... appear more and more in the coastal city. Along with that, a series of world-class resort complexes, overnight recreational grand projects have been formed, contributing to raising Nha Trang tourism to a new height. In the tourism development strategy, Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa aims to welcome 11 million tourists by 2025, including 5 million international visitors, total revenue from tourists reaching VND 200,000 billion.


New Galaxy Nha Trang represents Hung Thinh Land's distinct strategy when providing high-end apartment products, meeting the needs of the residential community to live like a resort. The appearance of New Galaxy Nha Trang is likened to a "diamond hexagon" in the heart of the pearl bay, providing a resort-like living space for residents.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang - representative of a real estate exchange in Khanh Hoa, real estate enterprises highly appreciated the potential of Nha Trang market because it is eligible to become an international tourism center. Local authorities have been also preparing procedures to make Nha Trang become a strategic focus in the process of developing Khanh Hoa into a city directly under the Central Government by 2025. Despite its stature as a "million-tourist" tourist destination but Nha Trang real estate was having a stable price. Apartments with long-term ownership right in the center of Nha Trang City were receiving a lot of attention from investors due to scarce supply.

“Any project that meets clear legal requirements, central location, long-term ownership, reputable investor, attractive payment policy is a 'golden' product for connoisseur investors to hunt at present in Nha Trang City", Mr. Thang commented.


According to preliminary statistics of Khanh Hoa Real Estate Brokerage Association on the consumption of apartments (including commercial and social housing) in Nha Trang city, in 2011-2015 period, the market recorded about 2,000 absorbed products. In 2016-2020 period, nearly 8,000 products were absorbed, marking a new development for the apartment market here.

Many experts also confirmed that the trading margin in Nha Trang was quite large for all product segments. Almost products from bare land to apartments, resort real estate, villas... when launched in Nha Trang, attractted strong attention.

Resonating with the positive signals of the tourism industry, the real estate market in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa is gradually heating up. A number of high-end apartment projects began to be introduced and "rebooted" in the market, including New Galaxy Nha Trang apartment complex invested by Hung Thinh Land.


Built on a larger scale of 1.9ha, New Galaxy Nha Trang project includes 5 blocks, of which three blocks are 20 floors high and two blocks are 23 floors high with about 1,500 apartments and shophouses, located in An Vien urban area, Vinh Truong ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa.

New Galaxy Nha Trang has a long-term legal ownership with a reputable investor, an expensive location in the high-class An Vien urban area - which is planned to be a high-class tourist, recreational, commercial and resort urban area of Nha Trang city. New Galaxy Nha Trang is also connected to Hon Ro residential area - Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard through a modern bridge in the future. "Choosing New Galaxy Nha Trang at this time will be the solution to the problem of safe investment and sustainable profitability for buyers," a Property X representative confirmed.

With this location, New Galaxy Nha Trang just takes a few steps from the coast of Nha Trang and is surrounded by mountains and sea. The project is located next to 3.3km hanger cable route, helping connect the mainland to the Vinpearl Land resort complex. Here, residents and visitors can enjoy many outstanding tourist services. Travelling to many key locations and place names in Nha Trang such as night market, Dam market, Vinpearl amusement park, Hon Chong, Hon Tre, Ponagar Tower... is also convenient and easy.

In addition to the prime location, the system of internal facilities to meet the needs of relaxation and healthcare at New Galaxy Nha Trang is also highly appreciated, such as a green park, overflowing swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym room, shopping center, multi-purpose sports area, BBQ garden... Security factor is also focused with 3-layer standard security system and 24/7 security guard force.

With internal and external facilities aimed at resort-like settlement experiences, the investor shows an emphasis on quality of life and understands the needs of customers to relax and rest. This is also a project to meet the needs of staycation and workation - real estate trends that are being interested after Covid-19.



"Human-friendly" design - creating a living space that brings happiness and health to people is also the main idea at New Galaxy Nha Trang. Each design line at the project brings residents a comfortable life, in harmony with fresh nature.

In order to enjoy the "mountain-rest and sea-view" location, the blocks are designed with ventilation to optimize the view and receive full sea breeze. Every morning, from the balcony of the apartment, residents can admire the beauty of the dawn, enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea. That fresh and spacious atmosphere is a good medicine for health, helping residents regenerate energy, full of excitement for a new day.

In addition, the investor also arranges open space clusters that harmoniz elements such as adult and children's swimming pool with over 700m2 wide, Jacuzzi, multi-purpose sports ground, internal park and central landscape area, children's play area, green space... The planning way is easy to connect with internal utilities and community utilities through walking paths.



Residents of New Galaxy Nha Trang will have a space to do exercises and play sports, have fun and "closer" to each other with community connection multi-points. Shophouses with diverse styles are also integrated in the project, meeting a variety of shopping and entertainment needs. Various commercial, tourist, medical, educational and financial utilities are also available around the project, providing residents with a comfortable and happy life.

In addition, the private spaces of the apartment owners are still secured with a 3-layer security system, 24/7 professional security force. The product is ahead of real estate trends such as staycation and workation, the emerging trends after Covid-19.

The project is "interested" by customers thanks to long-term legal ownership, reputable investor, prime location in An Vien high-class urban area. According to some experts, thanks to the variety of off-site utilities and quick move to Nha Trang's bustling recreational spots, 365-day life of New Galaxy Nha Trang residents will be like a vacation. "New Galaxy Nha Trang will bring owners moments of relaxation such as seeing the stars in the sky while closing the eyes, waking up with the waves of the sea and joyful swallows," the representative of the investor said.

In the context that the supply of shared apartments in Nha Trang is still scarce, along with the return of coastal real estate market, New Galaxy Nha Trang is expected to be the right choice for investors with a medium and long term vision.


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