Press room | 29-10-2021

Hung Thinh's representative said that it will flexibly offer resort real estate to help customers enjoy life and get profit from property.

At the talkshow "Unleashing tourism real estate resources in a new context" on October 26, Mr. Tran Quoc Dung - Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Corporation - mentioned the difficulties of resort real estate in the third quarter, when many provinces and cities tightened travel and applied social distancing. Even in the first and second quarters, there were times when international visitors were sparse or absent, while domestic tourists accounted for less than 30%.

This situation directly affected the operation of tourist apartments (condotel). Having no revenue would affecting liquidity, making it difficult for investors and plans to build and offer.

He said that after the epidemic, people would pay more attention to a really safe place to live. Understanding that attention, Hung Thinh changed, optimized the design of buildings, tourist areas with resort apartments, resorts or villas... The Corporation aimed to live a green, clean and healthy life for investors as well as individual buyers of this resort real estate.

Hung Thinh's top priority in tourism real estate projects is to optimize public utilities and living environment; Ensure that the property will bring not only profits to owners but also spiritual spiritual value, to experience, enjoy life, relax and recharge with positive energy...


'Hưng Thịnh sẽ linh hoạt mở bán bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng'

Mr. Tran Quoc Dung - Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Corporation.


Mr. Tran Quoc Dung affirmed that it is not allowed to build beneficial policies or commit to attractive profits for investors at all costs but strive to become a reputable, professional and transparent operating enterprise in all phases Instead.

When customers (owners of tourist apartments) trust the investor and hand over the right to exploit the lease, Hung Thinh will calculate the profitability when putting into operation and at the same time clearly outline the business problem for customers. Two sides will discuss carefully how much the annual fixed profit is, this rate can be up to 8-10%.

The enterprise also commits to being transparent with the revenue source after accounting, so that there are soft payments and extra income beyond the fixed rate. Mr. Dung affirmed: "In general, practically, Hung Thinh will solve the business problem of tourism real estate for investors".

In this type of real estate, Hung Thinh's representative said that it’s advisable to expand the right to buy, create opportunities for international small investors. "I think it's not radical yet because it's just now limited to the lease. While apartments still have a certain percentage of sales to foreigners, condotels, resort apartments... also need to be expanded for other subjects. This is also a way to attract investment and develop tourism real estate quickly," he said.


'Hưng Thịnh sẽ linh hoạt mở bán bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng'

Actual image of Quy Nhon Melody apartment building entering the finishing phase. Photo: Hung Thinh Land


With the desire that customers can easily access specific products and meet the criteria of enjoying life and energizing, the unit will flexibly offer resort real estate.

Talking about the payment progress, at the talkshow, Hung Thinh's representative committed to support and accompany customers in accessing bank loans. In the long term, enterprises will give specific policies for domestic and foreign investors, even encourage them to buy resort real estate together to exploit and do business together.

Firstly, joint purchase can be implemented from relationships of family, friends to external investors... In addition to enjoying purchased real estate in tourism growth regions, investors can profit on the product itself. Many people consider this property as a second home, the ideal place to stay for the whole family every weekend or vacation without renting a room or backpacking. Refreshing and mental relaxation after a busy working day is the basic need of many people.

"I hope that localities with resort real estate cooperate with enterprises in jointly investing in methodical, scientific and complete infrastructure and create easy travel conditions for all customers who want to visit the locality. We only really develop tourist apartments and promote tourism when doing this", Mr. Tran Quoc Dung said

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