Hung Thinh Corp looks toward the people of Khanh Hoa province among the flood

Hung Thinh News | 20-11-2018

On the afternoon on November 19th, Hung Thinh Corp has come to Khanh Hoa to visit and directly gift supports for families who are suffering from local flood rains for the total amount of 750 million VND.

At the family of teacher Tran Hoang Phong (a school teacher at Pedagogy College of Nha Trang), the representative of Hung Thinh Corp has awarded support of 200 million VND to the family. The family of the teacher and his wife as Nguyen Thi Thuy with two small children who died in the waves on November 17th and 18th. It is a big loss not only for family relatives, friends, co-workers but also the loss of social education sector.

The representative of Hung Thinh Corp has visited, condolences and awarded support for 200 million VND to the family of Mr. Tran Hoang Phong

In addition to the teacher Phong’s family, Hung Thinh Corp will support each victim killed by hurricane no. 8 per person of 50 million VND. The total amount of Hung Thinh Corp reaches 750 million VND.

Ms. Truong Thi Thu Thao - Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Frontier in Nha Trang city – the companion to Hung T hinh Corp on a visit to the victims of the accident said: "The Corp is very enthusiastic to come to a family to visit, encourage and support." Separately for 02 individual cases in Ninh Hoa and Dak Lak, the company has come directly to the spot for the sharing and motivation. We appreciate the work of Hung Thinh Corp".


Hung Thinh Corp has visited families who had relatives on accidents


Hung Thinh Corp has visited families who had relatives on accidents (cont)

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung – Chairman of Board of Director, CEO of Hung Thinh Corp said:  "Over the track on the radio station, I see the people of Nha Trang be in damage too badly although the heavy rain only takes place very short, especially the damage to the person. Wishing to support family victims early on overcoming difficulties, losses, as well as sharing with local authorities to overcome natural disasters, Hung Thinh Corp has extracted part of the social welfare fund to help families meet the victims. For missing cases, if it has been fatal one, Hung Thinh Corp continues to support the same as others ".


According to the statistics in Khanh Hoa province, the flood rains happen to collapse, damage to 63 houses, of which most are in Nha Trang city with 40 houses. By this time the local authority has recorded currently with 15 killed persons in rain storms and still 04 missing persons left.



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