18 years of establishment and development, Hung Thinh’s Board of Directors has always orientated Hung Thinh to be ideal workplace for all employees. To carry out the mission "for a prosperous community", we always try to improve the quality of life and morale of our employees through the best human resource policies in the market.

At Hung Thinh, your career will be developed sustainably with our continuous growth.


We always create favorable conditions for our employees to develop their abilities and encourage them to learn and cultivate their knowledge in order to take on higher responsibilities for long-term commitment and dedication to the Company.

At Hung Thinh, all employees are respected, listened and shared. All your efforts and accomplishments are recognized and rewarded with fairness. As a result, every employee in any department feels that they are an important link to success of the Company.


  • Salary: commensurate with the capacity and ability. Pay grade is determined based on the complexity and importance of each position in relation to other positions in the Company.
  • Pay raise: annually based on the needs, nature of the work, the business resutls, business management of the Company and the level of performance of employees. In addition, employees who have excellent achievements and positive contributions can be raised ahead of time.
  • Reward scheme: quarterly for business staff and annually for all employees. Reward criteria and levels will be specified on a yearly basis, based on results of management activities of the Company as well as each department / unit and the level of completion of work of each employee.



Considering that human resources is one of the key factors to ensure sustainable development, Hung Thinh is committed to providing desirable welfare and benefits policies for all employees.

  • Annual Salary Increase.
  • Bonus on major holidays, evaluate and reward employees’ performance at the end of the year.
  • Periodical health check and insurance in accordance with the Law.
  • Employee welfare policy: Birthday gift, Mid-Autumn, wedding, maternity, visits, etc.
  • Allowances for lunch, business trips, transportation for senior managers, phone support, staff uniforms, etc.
  • Days off per year in accordance with the Law and annual recreational tourist programs.
  • Sports activities for staff.
  • Child support for staff in difficult circumstances.
  • Discount on buying house for employees.



We believe that investing in training is an investment in the Company’s future success. Therefore, when working at Hung Thinh, many corresponding training programs will clearly shape your career path forward to the best goals.

Training activities are organized regularly to build and develop qualified human resources in terms of quality and quantity to meet the requirements of work. In addition, our staff are provided with promotion opportunities in their career through self-learning and training activities.

Training programs include:

  • “Integration culture” training program for all staff.
  • Professional training to improve employees’ skills.
  • Short-term and long-term soft skills training.
  • Legacy training


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