The president of Hung Thinh Corporation the 3th continuously received the certificate of merit of the people's committee of district 3 of HCMC for good implementation of the regime and policy for laborers

Hung Thinh News | 22-10-2019

On October 13, 2019, in the program "Accompanying with enterprises" in 2019 organized by Labor Confederation of District 3, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation continued to receive the certificate of merit from the Chairman of People's Committee of District 3 for a wide range of good programs and policies for the Group's officials and employees.

This is an activity in a meeting of representatives of 200 businesses in District 3 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day, in order to commend the entrepreneurs and enterprises to fulfill tax obligations to the State and take good care of the workers. Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation is one of 28 excellent businessmen to be commended this time.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation
received a certificate of merit from People's Committee of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City for well implementing the regimes and policies for employees

With the policy of highly appreciating talents, Hung Thinh group currently owns a strong team with nearly 3,000 professional and efficient personnel. The Board of Directors believes that people are the most valuable asset of the business, so salaries and benefits for employees are also the most effective investment costs. Therefore, during the past 17 years, Hung Thinh group has built a worthy remuneration, insurance policy and attractive salary system.

In Hung Thinh, the Board of Directors considers that human resource training and development is an investment strategy for success and sustainable development in the future. Therefore, all of the Group's Staff - Employees have the opportunity to participate in a series of professional and skill training programs, which are organized periodically and effectively. In addition, a flexible working environment, creativity and a focus on regular organizational restructuring are also positive factors for each employee to find excitement every day and be ready to take on new challenges in their work.

In addition, Hung Thinh Corporation also organizes annual football and tennis competitions, especially teambuilding activities, which are majestically organized in new lands to contribute to improving health and tightening the solidarity, building internal culture more and more sustainable.

"Hung Thinh Refreshing Day" teambuilding held annually is one of the most expected activities of the year

Striving for the mission "for a flourishing community", steadfast with its own and different directions, Hung Thinh Corporation has become the leading prestigious real estate group in the market not only by its impressive business number but also an ideal working environment for everyone.


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