Thai Son Kwiatkowski: “I want to devote a lot for Vietnamese Tennis”

Hung Thinh News | 20-10-2019

Vietnamese American tennis player is in the Top 200 ATP - Thai Son Kwiatkowski has officially joined Hung Thinh Ho Chi Minh City after the contract signing ceremony between the two parties took place on the afternoon of October 19 at Phu Tho tennis club (Ho Chi Minh City).


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation and Thai Son Kwiatkowski in the signing ceremony


Responding to the press during the signing of the contract with Hung Thinh Ho Chi Minh City, Thai Son Kwiatkowski expressed his pride: “I am very honored to play for Hung Thinh Ho Chi Minh City and have the opportunity to experience in the upcoming league. I would like to thank the HCMC Tennis Federation and Hung Thinh Real Estate Corporation for creating favorable conditions for me to return to Vietnam - my mother's hometown to play”.

Thai Son Kwiatkowski, 24, has had two titles of Men’s Futures, currently ranked 193 ATP. Thai Son Kwiatkowski was born in the United States, has a Vietnamese mother and a Polish father. He graduated from commerce at University of Virgina and then decided to follow the professional tennis career.

Thai Son Kwiatkowski first competed in the Vietnam Open 2019, he reached the semi-finals of the men's singles. Last August, the player won a place in the men's singles in qualifying round and men's doubles in the final round of the US Open.

Thai Son Kwiatkowski: "I want to devote a lot for Vietnamese tennis"


Thai Son Kwiatkowski will compete in domestic tournaments under the colors of Hung Thinh Ho Chi Minh City


According to Mr. Nguyen Quoc Ky - Chairman of the Vietnam Tennis Federation, Thai Son Kwiatkowski's involvement with Hung Thinh Ho Chi Minh City as well as attending the national league is praiseworthy. Mr. Ky said that the Vietnam Tennis Federation and related units will try to prepare the necessary procedures for Thai Son Kwiatkowski to naturalize and play for the national team.

Talking about the opportunity to play for the Vietnamese tennis team, Thai Son Kwiatkowski said: “If I have the opportunity to play for the Vietnamese tennis team, it is a great pride for me. I want to devote a lot to Vietnamese tennis. I know that Vietnamese tennis is currently developing with talented players like Ly Hoang Nam or Trinh Linh Giang. That is also the motivation for me."


The presence of Thai Son Kwiatkiowski is praiseworthy for Vietnamese tennis


In the signing ceremony, the representative of Hung Thinh Corporation said that the presence of Thai Son Kwiatkowski is an international professional athlete model that helps young athletes to follow, and said that there will be rewards which are worthy for the dedication of this player. From October 20 to October 26 at Phu Tho Tennis Club, Thai Son Kwiatkowski and his teammates in Hung Thinh Corporation will compete in the 2019 National Tennis Tournament.

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