Hung Thinh Land awarded Top 10 Best Real Estate Exchanges of 2016

Hung Thinh News | 27-06-2017

In celebration of the traditional day of real estate brokerage (Jun 29th), the Real Estate Association of Vietnam hosted the event Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Festival 2017 on June 24th in Nha Trang City. At the event, Hung Thinh Land was honored with Top 10 Vietnam Real Estate Trading Floors in 2016.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha - Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA) delivers the opening speech

Hung Thinh Land is a member company of Hung Thinh Corp. which plays an important role in its business activities. Over the past few years, Hung Thinh Land has successfully marketed and distributed more than 30 projects of the Corp., had a vast transaction volume and left a good impression on customers with the ultimate projects including 8X Apartments chain, Sky Center, Melody Residences, Florita, Lavita Garden, SaigonMia, Moonlight Residences, Moonlight Park View, Moonlight Boulevard, Richmond City… and most recently Cam Ranh Mystery Villas.

In order to continuously boost business capacity, Hung Thinh Land's staff are constantly improving in quantity as well as quality. Up to now, Hung Thinh Land has experienced a striking improvement with the system of 7 trading floors and more than 1000 staff. Hung Thinh staff attend professional training courses on a regular basis and strive hard to improve managerial skills as well as professional ethics. Furthermore, Hung Thinh Land is always pioneering in market research and offering the ultimate products at reasonable prices to meet the expectations of customers.

Mr. Pham Cong Son - Chief Representative of Hung Thinh Land in North Cam Ranh peninsula (3rd from right)
with the winners of the awards

Meeting the stringent criteria in terms of the number of successful transactions, the contribution to the community, the large transaction floor and more jobs opportunities etc., Hung Thinh Land has been awarded the title of Top 10 Vietnam Real Estate Trading Floors 2016 by the Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers (VAREB). This is a coveted award to recognize Hung Thinh Land's unremitting efforts in business operations. Also, the award has contributed to raising the position and increasing the competitiveness of Hung Thinh Land and more importantly, it is a solid confirmation of the quality of Hung Thinh Corp.’s products to customers.

Cup and Certificate of Merit of
Top 10 Best Real Estate Exchanges of Vietnam 2016

Certificate of Merit of Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers


The Real Estate Brokerage Festival is held annually to promote the development of real estate market through interconnections between project developers, investors, consultants and credit and financial organizations as well as consumers. This year's Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Festival was attended by more than 500 participants, including the Ministry of Construction’s officials and members of the Association. The event also honored 150 best realtors, 10 best real estate exchanges and 26 typical real estate exchanges.



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