Hung Thinh Corporation gave hot reward of 1 billion VND for Vietnam Foootball Team, bonus for Quang Hai vnd 200 million after The winning over Malaysia

Hung Thinh News | 11-10-2019

Quang Hai scored the only goal that helped Park Hang-seo and his team defeat Malaysia 1-0 and won three points for the first time in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. After the match, Hung Thinh Corporation decided to give the Vietnamese team a reward of VND 1 billion and a personal reward of VND 200 million for Quang Hai player.



Marching to My Dinh on October 10, the Malaysian team did not hide their intention to attack first. Goal keeper Dang Van Lam was repeatedly put on alert.

After the first few minutes of competition, Park Hang-seo's team gradually regained focus.

Vietnam team accelerated the attack speed and put a lot of pressure on the Malaysian defense. At the minute of 40, after a subtle pass of the captain Que Ngoc Hai, Quang Hai ran smart before finishing the goal of Farizal goalkeeper. The first half ended with a 1-0 advantage temporarily in favor of Vietnam.


Photo: Tiến Tuấn


The initiative still belongs to Park Hang-seo and his team in the second round. Vietnam team used the speed of Van Toan as the main attack plan. The General Anh Duc, after coming on to replace Cong Phuong, also had a good chance but the number 11 could not take advantage.

Malaysia held the ball but found no way to approach Dang Van Lam's goal, except for the flying ball situations. After regaining focus, the goalkeeper playing for Muangthong did not have much difficulty to neutralize the opponent's offensive attempt.

The tight match was maintained by Vietnam team until the final whistle sounded. Vietnam team won 1-0 and rose to 2nd place, 4 points with Thailand and just less offsets.

After the victory over Malaysia, Hung Thinh Corporation decided to reward Vietnam team with VND 1 billion and individually rewarded Quang Hai player VND 200 million.




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